1965 Banzai employee temporary transferred to Thai Toyota to install and train the equipment of automotive service plant.
1967 Banzai employee temporary transferred to Fuji Marcantile Co., Ltd. (Bangkok) who is Banzai's distributor in Thailand to investigate the Thailand market.
1969 Banzai (Thailand) Ltd. is founded with Mr. Pinkarn who is Banzai's partner in Thailand at Charoempol Road.
1974 Investment ratio was changed due to the government direction.
1976 Manutham group joined into management of BTL.
1978 Head office moved to Sukhumvit Road.
1990 Increase the capital.
1995 Head office moved to Minburi District.
1998 Banzai take over management of BTL from Manutham group.
2012 Sharehdder member changed.
2013 New godown built behind of head office.
2014 New machanical workshop is completed.
2016 Hat Yai Service Office founded.
2018 Shareholder member changed.
2019 Held 50 years Anniversary.